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jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013


Right hand, I thought you were my friend
I introduce myself, I am left hand
we both serve our beloved master,
the knight.

But he has you better protected
He uses you to journey in his life
no doubt he has you more esteem
but he never been used me.

I am very hurt, I am left hand
and you, the right hand and you serve the knight gracefully
and I am for him the most overlooked
but I implore the most sweetness he looks you.

I wish that our lord be southpaw
and use me to feel their feelings,
the only privilege that I have, it is I teach him the hours
in a watch that our knight has on my wrist.

With that, I feel very happy, he is very punctual
do not take away, sly right hand, that virtue
and allow me that I can make the ticking of his destination.
I have already badly but, awaiting your decadence.

The gentleman who we serve uses you every second,
He uses you to fight in the battle,
He uses you to give a rose to his beloved
He uses you to dry his tears when he suffers.

He uses you to cover her naughty laugh
He uses you to make a toast to their victories
He uses you for his pen to sign and write
is more, he uses you to touch his heart.

But I, he never used me, he humbles me
I am expecting a decline, damn right hand
when you get tired and you were no good,
then uses me for the substitution.

The gentleman, however, is very angry, he curses me and curses me a thousand times
when you see my big clumsy and not feel the same,
Why are you angry with me my lord, if you have me untrained,
because you give such times to the other one, the damn right hand?

Do not laugh at me, daring you
I wish that our Lord was southpaw
so you can feel what I'm suffering
for a single second.

When our knight humbles himself before his superior
and he leans, he covers you in your back
but to me, well that humbles me, making me a slight movement
lest do his right hand sits inferior.

When kneeling, to others,
shows me on his knees
you and supports you on the ground to pass not ashamed
I am not appreciated like you, given the sample.

Only when our master applauds
collides with light blows me against you
the gentleman used me to show to the public
he likes something, but is all a fraud.

With someone you have to hit
to output the sound of applause
you can not go beaten alone
but when the function ceases, we return to disuse.

I wish that our Lord be southpaw
for you , daring right hand
who I have you always in front,
you only make him rhyme of the second of the feelings of his heart.


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